Our Family Recovery Program is designed to help and support family members in the recovery process. It has been shown that addiction affects a minimum of ten people in the addict’s inner circle. In this class we will learn about chemical dependency, what it does to the individual caught in it’s web, and the devastating effects addiction has upon the family.

We will also learn about co-dependency, which has been called the "mother of all addictions". This environment provides a safe place for both the addict and family members to share their experiences, hurts, and struggles. There is hope as we learn to forgive, trust again, and build healthy relationships.

We encourage all ladies and their families to participate in this monthly class. It has been found that ladies whose families actively participate in the healing process will have a 400% better chance of success at maintaining their sobriety.

Contact a staff member at 229-241-2707 for more information about the Family Recovery Program.