Amanda - 2015 Graduate

Amanda Addiction Recovery Graduate

Amanda is married to her best friend and soul mate. She is a mother to 6 beautiful children. She and her husband are buying their first home. Each day she wakes up thankful for her blessings. For Amanda, life is so good! But it has not always been this way... Amanda found healing at South Georgia House of Hope. “I grew up starving for love. My dad was abusive and alcoholic. He was abusive to my mom and all the children." As a young girl, starving for love, Amanda went on what she calls a “man- hunt.” That brought her to her first pregnancy at 17. She quit school to care for her son. The child’s father couldn’t help.At 19, she was pregnant with her second child. “I was mad...I didn’t want it.” Even though he was abusive, I stayed with my partner because I thought it was the right thing to do. After that child’s birth, the abuse escalated. “At that point, the need for a man’s love enveloped me.Another partner introduced me to meth. He and I connected through drugs.”

This was a connection that would last exactly 30 days.

One weekend, her mom picked up her children to spend some time with them. Amanda remembers exactly what she was thinking when her mom picked them up, “I wanted to get high and stay high!” So, for four days she stayed high on drugs and looking for freedom from all responsibility, she signed custody of her children over to her parents.
She thought this would be the freedom that wanted. Instead, it was the beginning of a horrible downward spiral.
At that point, she says, “Promiscuity became my God.” For the next 13 months, she lived on meth. She was arrested for manufacturing meth, facing 30 years in prison. It was at this point that she met Sharon Wagner and the ministry of South Georgia House of Hope. She was introduced to structure, stability, boundaries, guidelines and discipline.

“July 3 was the greatest day of my life, I asked Jesus to take over and heal me to be who I was destined to be!